Access to the Internet and IP telephony, fire alarms, and home/business security systems are all vital systems to support your security at home and business. King Electric technicians have extensive experience in implementation of these systems for your home and/or business. We help you develop these systems in your existing home or business or  from the ground up new construction.

Data & Telephone

Our approach is to first assess your existing and future network requirements for your home or business, then work with you to implement the best solution at the best price: on time, and on budget.

Our electricians have the ability and experience to design and install your data, voice and fiber optic network cabling. Throughout the process our installers will ensure the highest quality service and will strive to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Data Network

  • Cat 5e & Cat 6 Cable Installation
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installation
  • Wire Management
  • Patch Panel & Jack Termination
  • 110 Block Termination
  • Testing
  • Certification

Voice Network

  • Cat 3, Cat 5e, & Cat 6 Cable Installation
  • Cross Connections
  • Wire Management
  • Patch Panel & Jack Termination
  • 66 Block Termination
  • Testing
  • Certification




Fire Alarms

We have installed fire alarm upgrades, retrofits and new systems for residential homes and businesses throughout Hancock County and beyond for many years.

Our in-depth knowledge of fire codes, experience working in a variety of buildings, and relationships with local town and fire department inspectors enables our electricians to effectively manage your property’s life safety needs. In providing fire alarm system installations, we utilize the industry’s most current fire alarm system technologies.

Fire Alarm Installation Services:

  • Fire alarm system evaluation
  • Design/build fire alarm systems – new construction buildings
  • Retrofit fire alarm systems in existing buildings
  • Phased upgrades of fire alarm systems
  • Installation of new parallel system and decommissioning existing system
  • Fire & Booster pumps installation
  • Fire Alarm Service & Testing


Home Security

In order to get the most from your home security system installation, it’s imperative that you hire an electrician to walk you through every step of the way. Our expert electricians can advise you as to what your options are, and take into consideration your budgetary requirements as well.

If you have an exisiting home security system, but it was installed years ago, then you may want to consider an upgrade. We can make certain that you know exactly what to do when it comes to considering the security of your home. Whether you need to add some video surveillance or a complete system makeover, we have the team and experience to successfully support your home security system.

If you need to protect your home from fire, smoke and CO2, contact the expert electricians of King Electric today.