Our electricians are experts in developing new and revamped lighting systems for your home or business. We take pride in the value engineering we provide in the creation and execution of lighting systems for our residential and business customers. 

We can execute complex kitchen remodelling projects that suit your personal style and preferences. We can assist you in making minor kitchen updates or performing entire remodelling and produce a kitchen you will love.

Commercial & Industrial Lighting

Large scale industrial lights are essential for many business operations, but can be tricky to install and maintain (especially given the heights at which many of them are placed). King Electric has been working with commercial and industrial businesses to install, maintain, and retrofit commercial lighting for many years.

Do you have a commercial or industrial facility that is more than ten years old? Lighting technology has made great strides over the last decade, significantly improving both the light quality and energy efficiency of new fixtures. A lighting retrofit involves replacing outdated electrical fixtures with newer, more efficient alternatives, thereby saving you significant operational / energy expenses. We make recommendations for your light retrofit project, and complete the work for you.


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Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance and Electric Sign Repair

King Electric offers pole light (parking lot lighting) installation, repair, and maintenance.  We also can troubleshoot and repair lighting in electric signs. Our 30′ lift we can access pole lights, signs, and hard to reach exterior building lighting and electrical up to 40′ high. If you've driven through the city of Ellsworth, you've seen a lot of our work in implementing and maintaining the lighting systems that illuminate the streets of Ellsworth at night.



Home Automation


As a licensed Lutron home automation dealer, King Electric can create amazing home automation lighting and temperature control experiences for your home's kitchen, living room, entertainment room, even outdoor living spaces!

Come visit our showroom in Trenton and see how we've implemented these automation systems into our very own business.

Control your lighting and temperature from your smartphone in your house or from on the road.

Contact King Electric today!


Lutron Living Room Application